Wyoming Registered Agent

Wyoming Registered Agent $75 per year.

The role of the registered agent is to provide a service of process for the Wyoming corporation or Wyoming LLC. This means that the registered agent is served with documents, notice of audit, or notice of a lawsuit. If the registered agent doesn’t do its job, the result can be disastrous. The company may end up owing thousands to the IRS, or losing the lawsuit by default. For this reason, cheaper isn’t always better. Registered agents must charge enough to make money and stay in business. The key here is reliability and follow through. The registered agent must be reliable and follow through in passing on the notice to you.

Saving $25 on a registered agent by choosing someone cheaper may lead to unseen risks; such as not receiving that audit notice by the IRS. Ouch!

Our registered agent service is $75 per year. We’re reliable, we’ve been here for ten years, and we’re not going anywhere. We work for you.

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